The product

TrapMe is the first snap trap that with 100% certainty tells you if it has caught pests or if it is a false alarm. This saves the user unnecessary trips and service traps and can among other things contribute to an optimized planning of the working day. With the security of information about catch, as well as immediate notifications the user´s trips and service can be fast, accurate and ensure customer satisfaction.
The traps innovative design offers a super-fast trigger that even the fastest pests can´t dodge, and along with the traps strong jaws this trap is the ultimate weapon in the war against pests. The trap is stable and can be activated, after which it can be placed without premature triggering. In addition the trap can be primed with lure prior to activation.
The trap replaces the standard mechanical snap trap and can be used in virtually all existing rat bait boxes without any form of alteration or additions to the boxes. Just place and activate. The trap is powered by battery and has long battery life with the ability to switch to a new the battery pack easily.

  • Easy setup. No tools or external power supply needed.
  • Simple : Your time is valuable, our webpages and web portal are straightforward to use.
  • No fuss: Built-in sim card.
  • Best GSM signal:  TrapMe traps “roam” to ensure they always have the strongest signal.
  • Alarms & messages include: 1: Trap active 2: Trap sprung - rodent 3: Trap sprung  - no catch/false alarm 4: Battery status 5: GSM status.
  • Long life batteries:  Normal usage, at least 3 years, batteries can be replaced.
  • IP67: Tough traps, just like the environments they are used in .
  • High quality:  You can rely on them.


TrapMe can be placed anywhere where there is cellular coverage and cross boarders in all countries. The trap is designed to fit into the existing rat bait boxes and can safely be used in boxes made of metal.


All data from a trap is property of the owner and no other users can view these data. By “management control” the manager has access to all the company´s users´ data.

The website

TrapMe users get access to an easy and manageable website which offers tools to management and observation of the traps and data. The website will be updated as a trap sends new data and the user is notified immediately via the website.

The website setup is user friendly. The website is structured for users to manage a large number of traps easily. Through the page´s virtual site map, traps can be placed and observed without loss of clarity.

All relevant information such as pictures, placement descriptions, trap ID etc. can be added to each trap. Data reports on a single or multiple traps can be printed and all data is saved and available to the user.

For larger professions, the website provides an opportunity of multiple user levels for the management of several technicians, and with full disposal of the enterprises traps.

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