The ultimate tool for rodent control.


TrapMe is the first snap trap remotely telling you with 100% certainty if there is a catch -  or not.
This saves the user unnecessary mileages and contribute to an optimized planning of the work flow.

TrapMe is built for professionals – Plug & Play – Easy setup – No tools – simply just place it.

TrapMe is built for indoor and outdoor use - Optimized for rough conditions – The daily work for a rodent trap – Heavy rain, snow, sun, -25 °C, +45 °C – IP67 - Just bring it on.

Easy online Portal accessible from laptop, tablet or smartphone, giving the user complete control from 1 to thousands of traps. Various reports and alarm setup.

TrapMe roams to get the best signal in all countries (In our IOT connectivity plan). We use WiseSim - SIM card is built-in.

TrapMe is battery driven – 3 years battery life with normal usage – batteries can be replaced.

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