Colour: Black.
Materials: ABS plastic & Stainless steel.
Communication: GSM/GPRS.
Status: Activated, triggered (catch), triggered (false alarm), storage (deactivated).
Warnings: Low battery, low GSM signal.
Density: IP67.
Temperature area: -20 – 50 degrees.
Weight: 265 gram.
Dimensions: 140x75x95mm (activated position).
Battery life: 3 years (depends on usage)


Download datasheet.

Benefits of TrapMe:

”False alarm” notification
Easy and quick installation.
Extremely user-friendly website
The trap can be used everywhere.
Secure data history.
Better documentation.
More efficient pest control.
Removes all unnecessary trips and service calls of traps and rat bait boxes.
Immediate notification about capture.
Long life with the possibility of battery replacement.
Low price and operation costs.
Secure communication.
Wide range temperature spec.