Colour: Black.
Materials: ABS plastic & Stainless steel.
Communication: GSM/GPRS.
Status: Activated, triggered (catch), triggered (false alarm), storage (deactivated).
Warnings: Low battery, low GSM signal, low & high temperature.
Density: IP67.
Temperature area: -20 – 50 degrees.
Weight: 265 gram. 10 pcs in carbon box 3 kg.
Dimensions: 140x75x95mm (activated position). 10 pcs in carbon box 520x160x90mm.
Battery life: 3 years (depends on usage).


Download datasheet.



  • Easy setup: No tools or external power supply needed.
  • Simple : Your time is valuable, our webpages and web portal are straightforward to use.
  • No fuss: Built-in sim card. 
  • Best GSM signal:  TrapMe traps “roam” to ensure they always have the strongest signal.
  • Alarms & messages: include:
    1: Trap active.
    2: Trap sprung - rodent.
    3: Trap sprung  - no catch/false alarm.
    4: Battery status.
    5: GSM status.
  • Long life batteries:  Normal usage, at least 3 years, batteries can be replaced.
  • IP67: Tough traps, just like the environments they are used in.
  • High quality:  You can rely on them.